Why is it called the cloud? Because it is temporary. Very temporary.

Apple’s iCloud has, some may say fittingly; been the first high profile “cloud” service to suffer a very public and widely reported breach of security.

Perhaps those who looked at me strangely two years ago, when I began ranting about the dangers that reliance on “the cloud” would create; may perhaps deign to reconsider those stares.

I am surprised that such a monstrous fuck up hasn’t been widely reported earlier than this, for I am sure that it isn’t the first time that it has happened.

What fuck up?


An allegedly “tech savvy” journalist loses his entire digital life because he was moronic enough to rely entirely on “the cloud”

Someone calling himself Mat Honan, allegedly a journalist at Gizmodo and wired.com.

I am told that they are technology news websites.

I am also told that this clown, Honan; had his entire digital life backed up in “the cloud”.

Dear me.

The Sophos article on the incident (referenced earlier) has some great suggestions for those clowns amongst you who insist on using “the cloud”:

  • Encrypt everything you put into the cloud, using an encryption solution which operates outside the cloud.
  • Keep your online accounts separate. Don’t link accounts together for convenience, lest they all get compromised in one go.
  • Don’t link personal and work social media accounts, lest an injury to one become an injury to both.
  • Make and keep backups for yourself, outside the cloud.
  • Consider an independent remote wipe service.

All eminently sensible suggestions.

I would have said that they are logical, though we have become accustomed to iSheep clinging desperately and foolishly to the marketing… err… advice of the likes of Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

The “cloud” is bad, it has always been bad.

It is a matter of when, not if; that one of the large “cloud” providers admits a massive breach that has exposed the private data of tens if not hundreds of thousands of naive and foolish individuals.

The “cloud” is just one step closer to Skynet becoming a reality.

Google will build Skynet - they will build the terminator