Sophos, News, Ducks, metaphors and missing parrots

Since having lost our beloved Alexandrine parrot, Icari; kindness has poured in from all quarters.

It has been quite refreshing and has realigned my opinion of humanity somewhat.

The two most potent  examples of said kindness have come from some rather unexpected sources; two big businesses.

“Big business” is oft maligned, though the altruism shown by both of these companies, neither of whom have anything to gain as a result of their selfless displays, shows that perhaps the fury directed toward large corporations by the great unwashed may be misplaced.

Sophos; the people who invented antivirus, and who provide the best free antivirus protection for Mac and Windows, not to mention some exceptional mobile security products, heard about our loss and wrote a beautiful piece on their Naked Security website that involves some of the best use of metaphors that I have ever seen.

The author, Paul Ducklin, an Sophos’¬† head of technology, has quite a way with words. Even if you aren’t into computer security, his articles are well worth reading – they have a unique way of removing the obfuscation and obscurantism oft indulged in by IT professionals.

In other words, his words appeal to geeks, nerds and technophobes alike.

You can get an idea of what I am talking about at:

The other business that has gone above and beyond the thermals, is News Ltd.

Scott Howlett, a journalist with the Northern District Times, saw the posters that we had plastered around the local area and wrote a beautiful piece on our missing Icari.

We have had a great deal of people contacting us as a result of the article that Scott put together and we can’t thank him and his team enough.

Thank you, Paul, Sophos, Scott and News Ltd – whilst we have yet to find Icari, your efforts to assist us have been quite the tonic during our weeks of despair.


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