No GST – no carbon tax – never ever

The carbon tax.

Such a hot topic of conversation.

Alan Jones is on a witch hunt. Without science on his side, he resorts to populism.

This saddens me. Alan is an intelligent, wealthy man; that he would resort to populism is an indictment on his moral and mental capacity or lack thereof.

Which of these videos is the bigger lie? Which of these broken promises had a bigger impact on our lives?

Does a 10% tax on just about everything cost you more than a 0.002% tax on a couple of things?

That is, does a GST of 10% on 80% of what you consume cost you more than a Carbon Tax of 0.002% on 20% of what you consume?

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image
Firstly, you have the idiots who are running a scare campaign for Uncle Tony (not for the Liberal Party mind you, only for Uncle Tony Abbott), who have the backing of that ubiquitous oxygen thief; Alan (honestly, I don’t like the male members of the Australian olympic swimming squad in anything other than a platonic way and I hate everything that the left leaning types do though I’ll never speak out about their compassion for homosexuals) Jones.

Secondly, you have Tony “I am appealing to the lowest common denominator, and they appeal to me, because we share the basic common principles of bigotry, ignorance and fear” Abbott; parrotting Alan “The Parrot” Jones.

That Alan had a bit of a completely non gay crush on John Winston is a matter of the public record.

Does he have more than a non gay crush on Mr Abbott?

Mr Abbott is a very fit physical specimen, if it weren’t for his bigotry; I’d want to take him to bed.

Imagine the stamina, imagine what kind of gagging action one could precipitate once one had hold of those ears…

But seriously…

Whilst once I clung to the left, the ALP; I have abandoned them.

I flirted with the Greens; though could never vote for such hypocrites.

I tried Liberal once, and am sure that it was my vote that killed Kim Beazley.

I don’t have a party of choice, they are all reprehensible, self serving cunts.

The crap that Abbott and his minions are carrying on with thought, that is a bit too much.

Have a look at this out-out-outsourced group who are acting on behalf of (I can’t give you their identity, even though I have discerned it):

- The Liberal Party
- A mining company
- A prominent Australian individual
- Alan Jones
- A small minded wanker
- A lobby group that has members who think that the earth is flat.

In the end, what is worse, a tax on just about everything that impacts 100% of us (the GST) – a tax introduced by a government that Tony Abbott has proudly described himself as being a senior, policy making member of; or:

A tax on a couple of things that will ultimately impact perhaps 50% of us – if that?

I am not sure, please help me decide.

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Quick to judge,
Quick to anger,
Slow to understand
Ignorance and prejudice
And fear walk hand in hand…

Future Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull

The man who should be PM

I need not make much more of a comment on the following piece than this:

Malcolm Turnbull needs to challenge Abbott for the leadership of the Liberal Party.

He was only defeated by one vote last time around, and he is the only politician in Canberra with anything that could possibly be called a semblance of vision.

Decide for yourself.

Malcolm Turnbull – the greatest opposition leader to never win office.

Andrew Bolt has had a go at my gay marriage speech in his blog today.

As far as I can see he has two points to make.

First he says that if you recognised gay unions with the title of marriage you open the door to polygamy. This is the weakest and worst sort of argument used against any change and known as the “slippery slope” argument – if first you make one change then a whole series of other changes will follow. As any lawyers reading this blog will know, judges treat arguments like this with the contempt they deserve.

But let us deal with the substance. There is no demand, no lobby, no support, no constituency for legalising polygamy under the Marriage Act. If you needed a contemporary, as opposed to a traditional or cultural, justification for not recognising polygamy it can be found in our, and most societies’, view of the equality of men and women.

Second he says that the whole purpose of marriage is a permanent relationship, that gay couples (gay men he is speaking about here) are more likely to be promiscuous and have extra-marital affairs and that therefore if gays are allowed to marry they will influence the understanding of marriage among the straights who will accordingly become more promiscuous.

This must be the longest bow of all – all those chaste and monogamous heterosexuals out there are about to become slavering, dissolute, philanderers because gay couples are according to Mr Bolt less faithful to each other than men and women.

And he wonders what I am talking about when I speak of the hypocrisy of the sanctimonious. Open your eyes, Andrew! If a heterosexual married couple want to find an example of marital infidelity, adultery, promiscuity they hardly need to look out for any gay couples they know. How many of their friends’ marriages are breaking up? How many of their friends husbands or wives are playing up?

Or they can turn on the television or open a magazine or newspaper. Where shall we start?

Take Hollywood – most of the news is about who is having an affair with whom, whose marriage is breaking up, who is getting married for the umpteenth time.

What about politics? Take Silvio Berlusconi for example, would he have been, could he have been, more promiscuous if there had been gay marriage legalised in Italy. Could he have had even more bunga bunga parties?

Finally, and speaking from my own experience, the gay couples I know who have told me they would like to have their unions recognised as a marriage have generally been together for a very long time and lead lives of demure domesticity.

This man, Malcolm Turnbull; should be Prime Minister. Sadly, we will never be so lucky as to enjoy his measured wisdom. He is too “liberal” for the Liberals and too “Liberal” for Labor.

So very sad.

Wealth = $11,000 – The Health Care Rebate debacle

Wealth in Australia = $11,689.90 – that is what the ALP, the Greens and Rob Oakeshott reckon.

The bill tabled and passed in the lower house today, the health care rebate means testing; something that will pass with those loathsome Greens controlling the senate; is an absolute disgrace.

No doubt the ALP have done some manner of back room (or should that be back door) deal on same sex marriage with the Greens to get this through – though I am not sure what they offered the detestable Oakeshott.

The Health Care Rebate debacle

Now, I am a supporter of same sex marriage, and, if you take the time to peruse this site; you will notice that I have never been a fan of the conservative side of politics.

This disgusting betrayal of the aspirational working class in Australia however has been the final straw for me.

The Australian Labor Party no longer gives a toss about the workers, only about itself and maintaing its marginal grip on power.

Single professionals in Australia have hardly ever gotten a break – from either side of politics – the one thing that they have been given, is a rebate on private health insurance.

This rebate, something which has made our health care system the envy of the developed world – particularly considering that in the US, private health care can cost up to $3,000 per month for a young family – is about to be stripped away from people who have been determined by politicians on the left, to be wealthy.

Before we crunch the numbers, let us remind ourselves that our politicians receive all of the following either for free, or significantly subsidised by the tax payer:

  • Alcohol
  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Travel (including overseas trips)
  • Internet
  • Telecommunications
  • Gym memberships
  • Super

… so the loss of the rebate isn’t likely to really hurt them all that much.

Now, let’s look at how this issue might affect a miner, someone who works his or her arse off, sometimes for 10 days in a row, 12 hours a day, for a wage (before tax) of $126,000.

  • Income: $126,000
  • Tax paid: $34,570

This leaves said miner (though it could merely be someone who has been working hard with a company for ten years and worked their way up the ranks) with a net income of:

  • $91,430.

Now that might sound like a lot, however what if you take into account that this single, hard working Australian has a mortgage in Sydney.

The median house price in Sydney is $485,000 (source – RP Data)

With the banks now completely ignoring the Reserve Bank and doing what they please with interest rates, you could expect to pay around 7.45% on a standard variable home loan.

What does that equate to per year?

  • Mortgage: $42,820.20

This leaves you with:

  • $48,609.80

Well, that is still a lot of money.

What if we look at some conservative estimates with regards to what a single Australian might have in terms of additional outgoings per year:

  • Car loan: $7,000
  • Mobile phone: $1,000
  • Energy use: $1,000
  • Internet + line rental: $1,000
  • Petrol: $7,000
  • Car, home and contents insurance: $2,400
  • Health insurance (presently): $1,200

That would leave you with “wealth” of:

  • $28,009.80

Bugger, I forgot a couple of things:

  • Rates: $1,200
  • Water: $200

Food: $10,400

Things are looking really wonderful for our “wealthy” Australian, he or she now has a total expendable income of:

  • $16,209.80

If you want to stay at home every weekend, you will probably only incur a couple of more costs:

  • A bottle of wine once every two weeks: $520
  • Christmas and birthday presents: $2,000
  • A holiday once per year: $2,000

That will leave you:

  • $11,689.80

So, if you:

  • stay at home all the time apart from when you are at work,
  • never visit friends and family,
  • eat at home and never at a restaurant,
  • take a packed lunch to work every day,
  • don’t go to the gym,
  • don’t play any sports,
  • never buy any new clothes or household items or,
  • need your car serviced or,
  • need a new computer or software for it,
  • don’t need to buy any medicine,
  • or don’t pay excess on any of your health care claims, or
  • have any credit cards…

… then yes, you might have $11,689.90 in your pocket.

It is, however more likely that the individual described above might be able to save around:

  • $2,000-$5,000 per year.

Hardly up there with the likes of Richard Branson.

This bill is a disgrace and will have a severe impact on the health of Australians and the Australian health care system.

It is another step towards the debacle that is the health “care” system in the US.

The right to die, with dignity

We don’t choose to be born.

We have no say in that.

Two people fornicate, and in the pinball machine that is the uterus, somehow one sperm (sometimes more than one) travel onward prior to the act of corona radiata whereby one or more happen to penetrate the ova.

From here on in, cell division takes place.

Around nine months later, nature willing, a child is born.

In an ideal world, that child, helpless and unable to fend for itself, is cared for by those who gave it life until such a time that it can make choices of its own.

Following that, it dips its toe into the cesspool of humanity and attempts to forge a path for itself.

It may last a week, it may last ninety years.

Its quality of life may be good, it may be bad.

Does any human have the right to decree that another human should suffer?

Define suffering.

For me, it comes down to quality of life.

Does this human being exist in a dignified state, one that they would wish others to remember them in?

If not, should they, or others who care for them, be able to assist them in ending their suffering in a dignified manner?


You don’t have a choice when it comes to your conception.

You are owed a choice when it comes to your death.

It is your life, your choice.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is a cunt.

Jesus is a cunt – Fred Nile, and the lunatic fringe

Fred Nile is a lunatic.

Homophobia, Fred Nile and Jesus (is a cunt)

Any reasonable person would certainly find this man to be beyond the realms of sanity, and in a more enlightened era, he would be committed to an institution.

Nile is a man obsessed with sex, particularly when it occurs between two consenting men or two consenting women.

He spends his evenings dreaming about homosexuality, praying for bad things to happen to homosexuals and attempting to force his own twisted views on the citizens of NSW.

He hates gays, muslims, atheists, and anyone else who doesn’t conform to said twisted views.

His latest outburst – Fred Nile links ethics classes to the advent of the next Hitler – is yet another example of why religion should never, ever have a place in politics.

Nile is attempting to blackmail the NSW Premier – Barry O’Farrell, into removing ethics classes from NSW schools.

He wants them replaced with scripture classes, claiming that ethics lead to communism and Nazi ideology.

Apparently he is serious, to quote:

“It’s relative ethics, which is the basis of secular humanism and I believe … this is the philosophy we saw during World War II with the Nazis and with the communists.

Situation ethics, as I see it, was followed by other regimes such as the Nazis and communists.

Situation ethics means nothing is right and nothing is wrong … Therefore, you can kill human beings without any embarrassment and any reservations.

It’s a very dangerous philosophy.”

Of course, secular humanism is very dangerous indeed.

Look at all the atrocities committed on a daily basis by secular humanists.

They bomb abortion clinics, gun down school children attending camps, persecute homosexuals, fly planes into buildings, build walls around land that they steal from the rightful owners…

We see it in the news daily.

Fred Nile particularly hates pornography, so much so, that his personal login on his parliamentary computer was used to “investigate” over 200,000 pornographic websites:

Fred Nile really, really, really hates porn

Of course, it was just for “research purposes”.

He just wanted to see what kind of filth that your common secular humanist reprobate got up to in their spare time so that he could save them from it.

This is a man who, every Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, prays for rain.

This is a man who wants to foist his twisted superstitious views on the fertile minds of innocent school children, yet wishes to ban traditional Islamic dress.

This is a man who is actively campaigning against pagan weddings.

This is the man who holds such power in the NSW senate that he is able to blackmail the democratically elected premier of the state into incorporating the views of the lunatic fringe minority, into removing classes from public (not Christian) schools that teach children secular ethics.

He would have them replaced with a doctrine that says that it is ok to hate homosexuals, that anyone who is different from you is evil.

This is a very, very evil man.

You can email this bigot at:

For whom the bell tolls

Paul J Keating - John W Howard

Some time this year, John W Howard will suffer the ignominy of a humiliating defeat.

It should have been (and perhaps still will be) at the hands of his long suffering treasurer Peter Costello.

Anyone who remembers John “The Boy Treasurer” Howard’s time at the helm of the economy in the Fraser government knows that Howard’s oft repeated mantra of “good economic managers” knows that the good fortunes that this country has enjoyed over the past 15 years or so have had little to do with Howard’s ability to manage the economy.Whilst rusted on Liberals will often trot out figures such as “17% interest rates under Labor”, they seem to forget that there were “22% interest rates under Howard”.

They also conveniently forget that it was the courageous and visionary reforms of Keating in the Hawke government of the mid to late eighties that set Australia on the path toward prosperity.

Costello has steered the ship competently but without the fiscal or economic vision that was Keating’s birthright.
He has been overshadowed by the dominant personality of Howard – without precedent as the most controlling party leader this nation has ever seen – he has attempted to speak out on social issues on occasion, to espouse his vision for a kinder, more forgiving, harmonious Australia but one gets the feeling that he has been privately chastised for doing so… his views on matters of social policy have often been in direct contrast to Howard’s.

Costello may make a good opposition leader, but would he make a good Prime Minister?

Sadly I don’t think that we will ever know. Howard shafted him on the leadership deal and Costello has never had the fortitude to stalk him from the back bench.

I am looking forward to the demise of John Howard. In all the time he has been Prime Minister of this country, he has done one wonderful thing – an undeniably wonderful thing – the introduction of gun control laws.

Aside from that, I cannot think of anything positive to say about the man. Certainly it can be said that he is tenacious and stubborn, a fighter perhaps but these attributes he displays to a fault.

He is quite possibly the nastiest, most divisive, intolerant, unkind, most mean spirited Prime Minister that this country has seen.

However his demise comes about, be it at the hands and pencils of the Australian people or the knife of Costello, it will be a sweet moment for all those who yearn for this country to return once again to the kind, tolerant, benevolent, open place it used to be.

I am sure that Paul J Keating wakes up with a massive grin each and every day.

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All tip and no iceberg

Why did we vote this man out?

YouTube Preview Image

Australian politics has not and will probably never see his brilliance again.

A true visionary sadly misunderstood by the great unwashed.

Howard, hypocrisy, dishonesty, panama hats

Honest John

That this matter involving Kevin Rudd’s three meetings with Brian Burke even rated a mention in parliament (let alone the protracted airing that it has been given) shows just how farcical and desperate the Howard government has become.

Over at the SMH, Aaron Timms paints the matter in this amusing light:

“It used to be that the Panama was a sign of style and sophistication. Now it is short for suburban Italian meals and illegal mobile phone conversations involving repeated use of the word mate. Even over the past week, as the hat has remained malevolently glued to Burke’s scalp, it has been hard to escape the feeling that somewhere underneath that straw crown there must be at least a couple more Labor ministers hiding from the fact that they once shared a cream bun with Burke in the late 1990s.”

But in all seriousness, the vitriol that has been slung at Rudd in parliament by Abbott, Costelloand their increasingly rattled master Howard has been extraordinary – not the least when one considers the age old adage “let him without sin…”.

The mudslinging almost backfired spectacularly when it was discovered that one of the Liberals senior ministers, Ian Campbell, had not only met with Burke, but invited him into his office.

In a truely bizarre set of circumstances, instead of this becomming a problem for the government, it actually had the effect of reintroducing the long forgotten “ministerial code of conduct“.

One could be forgiven for wondering if we are living in a parrallel universe.

This government has a long and well publicised history of lies, coverups, disgraceful behaviour, scandals and misinformation.

- The alleged WMDs and the invasion of Iraq
- The Vivian Salon debarcle
- The David Hicks disgrace
- Children overboard
- No GST, never ever
- The Peter Reith phone card affair
- The bribes paid to Saddam Hussein under the auspices of the AWB

… hold on… Bribes? Saddam Hussein?

Yes indeed. And the two ministers who oversaw these bribes, Alexander Downer and Mark Vaile (Downer allegedly even signed a document authorising the bribes) not only maintain their roles within Howard’s government, but they are the Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister respectively – two of the most senior positions in the government.

Vaile and Downer

They may not have known that the $290 million, yes, $290,000,000 was going toward directly funding Saddam Hussein’s regime, but the incompetence that they displayed in allowing this terrible transgression should not only have cost them both their jobs but also their entitlements and superannuation.

What did poor old Ian Campbell do?

He met a fat, balding man in a Panama hat.

He has been forced to fall on his sword so that Howard and his minions may continue to pursue this pathetic line of attacks on Rudd.

This all reeks of a very deep sense of desperation and fear. The government has realised that there is a strong desire for change in the Australian populace and know that Rudd is a very credible alternative.

Their mudslinging is puerile and pathetic – what is worse is that they expect the Australian people to swallow the crap that they are dishing up.

Paul Keating put it wonderfully when interviewed on the ABC today:

The Great Paul Keating

“The little desiccated coconut [Howard] is under pressure and he is attacking anything he can get his hands on,”
“Brian Burke and Julian Grill, they are the Arthur Daley and Terry of the West Australian Labor Party. They are like the wallpaper over there. You can’t visit Perth without running into them”

The best quote was the one that he left for Costello though:

“He’s all tip and no iceberg”

I can’t wait to vote this year…

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The past fortnight in Australian politics

Bill Leak is a genius at succinctly capturing the Australian political climate.

Here are some snippets from his pen as published in The Australian over the past two weeks.

Bill Leak

Bill Leak

Bill Leak

Bill Leak

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Rudd Rattling Howard

John Howard is rattled.

I can’t ever remember having seen him in such a state at any point over the past ten years.

With the opposition leader Kevin Rudd polling a phenomenal 65% as preferred PM – a popularity not seen in over 35 years in an opposition leader and Howard & Co bereft of ideas, “Honest John” it would seem, is somewhat worried.

It cannot be denied that Howard has, since his resurrection, the infamous Lazarus with a triple bypass, been a consummate politician. He has been a master of wedge politics. He has had an uncanny ability to read and measure the feelings of the populace – and unashamedly use them no matter how deplorable they may be. He has ruled over his own party room with a control afforded no other in the history of this country. Such has been the man’s determination that “Mr 18%” – once paraded on the front page of The Bulletin under the heading “Why does this man bother?” has consistently dominated his opponents during his time in office.

Times to be changing however.

Howard has never before appeared as rattled as he does now.

The people are hungry for change and are thoroughly sick of the hubris that this government has been foisting upon it for far too long now.

It is this hubris, combined with the realisation of the hunger of the people for fresh ideas and a less mean spirited environment in which to live that is driving Howard to make the mistakes that are so uncharacteristic of him.

His dreadful arrogance in attempting to lecture an American presidential candidate was a terrible error of judgement and one that will be difficult for him to escape from.

We must remember that at the last election Howard took Latham to task for “jeopardising” the US alliance with his anti-Bush rhetoric. Come 2008, it is entirely possible that the Yanks will have a Democrat president. A president who may well resent Howards implication that the Democrats are the preferred party of Islamic terrorists.

Labor leader Kevin Rudd, in one of the most eloquent speeches to parliament that I have heard, spells it out much more succinctly than I could hope to.

The videos total twenty minutes but are well worth a viewing:

Part I
YouTube Preview Image

Part II

YouTube Preview Image

Part III

YouTube Preview Image

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